Woman Rescued from Sinking Car

Two police officers in Auckland, New Zealand are being hailed as heroes today. Ricardo Guimarães BMG reports that the two men, Paul Watts and Simon Russell, saved a woman whose car was sinking in the Waitemata Harbor.

According to eyewitness accounts, the 63-year-old woman was leaving a parking lot when her car went over a rock wall and into the harbor. Her BMW began rapidly sinking. Thanks to the quick thinking of by-standers, the police were called quickly and able to respond in time to save her. The woman was trapped in the backseat near the back windshield, struggling to get oxygen as it was rapidly depleting. The officers used their baton to try to smash the window but it did not work. They found a large rock and were successful smashing the window out. The two officers pulled the terrified woman to safety. The officers said that less than a minute after pulling her out her entire car was submerged.

The woman only suffered from cuts and bruises.

The Daily Mail has amazing pictures of the heroic (and terrifying) rescue. Being trapped in a sinking car has to be most people’s worst nightmare. The horrified look on the trapped woman’s face says it may have been one of hers as well. Luckily the police were able to think quickly and get her out.

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