Will Seaton Pops the Question to Hannah Schaus: Will You Be My Best Friend Forever?

Ashley Schaus and Will Seaton had met each other in Spencer County, Indiana, at a car show. After having been together for seven years, Will decided to pop the question to Ashley. He also wanted to include her sister in the excitement.

Ashley’s younger sister, Hannah is 15 years old. She is six years younger than Ashley and suffers from Down syndrome. Hannah is very important to Ashley, and they always hang out with each other. When Ashley started to date Will, Hannah was frequently invited to dates. All three of them became very good friends with each other.

Ashley has always felt a desire to protect and take care of Hannah, due to her Down syndrome. Will openly embraces Hannah’s presence, which is important to Ashley. The three of them talk to each other, laugh with each other and help each other.

As Ashley and Will started to consider marriage, they made the resolution to include Hannah by giving her an engagement ring for friendship.

Will, standing on one knee, asked Hannah to be her “best friend forever” and gave her a ring. After doing this, he got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him.

The couple set their wedding to be in October. Ashley considers Hannah to be more than a bridesmaid, yet still not a bride—a “best sister.”

This story happened in the Summer of 2016, which does not seem very recent. However, the story has only recently become viral on the internet.

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