Why Social Media Fans Really Love Lime Crime Products


If you have around different social media platforms today, then you must of the insanely sparkly company known as Lime Crime cosmetics. The company strives to create a bright, beautiful and bold makeup brand. Through the help of their founder and CEO, the beauty company has grown immensely to have more than two million followers on its Instagram page. According to Doe Deere, Instagram is a way to market her brand and market her products personally. She has come up with various innovative ideas through the interaction. She continues to encourage her fans to be always unique and fearless when applying makeup. It creates a unique style that is loved by everyone.

Deere is a Russian-born lady who move to New York City during her seventeen years. She pursued fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, Deere did not have the eye for fashion; she had other passions such as music and initially wanted a career in music. Her bold decision to join Lime Crime has seen her enjoy various benefits. The success story of the company on its social media platform is amazing.


The company handles most of its interactions on their main page known as @limecrimemakeup. Their success in Instagram that happened in less than a year is highly commendable. Customers on the page can see pictures of people using the makeup such as nail polish, eye shadows and lipsticks. Customers can see the shade applied by other users instantly. Deere loves to share the amazing images and looks by her followers. It demonstrates that Lime Crime has done a lot to bring out creativity in its members.


Doe Deere’s personal makeup style has always been filled with trendiness, fantasy, and boldness. Celebrities like Katy Perry now adore her lips, though they initially followed the dull traditional setting. Doe Deere was not afraid to make her dream come true with a makeup company. However, she relied on the traditional concept of composition. Once she moved to radical colors and a mainstream style, her products gained a massive following on Tumblr as they were loved by many.


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