Why QNet Soars Above the Competition

QNet continues to reinvent itself.

The online and Hong Kong based marketing company has seen significant growth in its 13 year history, providing exciting new avenues for its employees and customers.

QNet is a direct selling, multi-level marketing (DS MLM) company demystifying the idea of the direct selling networking exemplified in pyramid building companies. QNet promotes itself as a one-on-one marketer of products and services rather than a pure-play direct selling company. Individuals that join their team do not operate through retail locations. They instead receive discounted products that they are encouraged to use and to retail these products and services to other individuals, earning commissions when third parties begin using the products and services as well.

Unlike a selling pyramid, QNet does not promise quick and great wealth. The DS MLM offers individuals an opportunity to work hard and grow a genuine business that will, at the very least, offer a second stream of income and could, at the most, one day deliver professional independence.

QNet devotes a significant amount of its resources not to recruitment but to research and development. QNet promises legitimate products and services that will produce life enhancement. And this is what its independent employees can rely on to build their business, good practices and products, not commission through recruitment of employees.

QNet offers a range of products that encourage wellness and good living through personal care. The DS MLM’s inventory of products run the gamut: home care, collectibles and luxury, education, holidays, nutrition, energy, nutrition, accessories, and personal and business development. The Bio Light enhances energy through biophotons. InOcean is a 100% natural mineral complex that provides a body’s daily mineral requirements. The Sonic Whitening Toothbrush, Professional Whitening Strips and Remineralising Whitening Toothpaste will brighten smiles while fighting cavities and improving oral hygiene.

QNet’s focus is on product and service development, on manufacturing a carefully chosen niche of products that promise to add significant value to health, mind and wellness. The company invites anyone interested to become a customer and potentially grow as a businessperson by bringing in more customers who appreciation air and water purification, glamourous costume jewelry or innovative ways to store their digital information.

QNet intends to continue growing as a DS MLM, using a strategy that results in a difference in daily life for its customers both personally and professionally. Its growth plans are global in nature as regulations for the emerging direct selling industry broadens their foreign bases.

The bottom line is QNet, like any successful company, encourages everyone to take a look at their products and services, to give them a chance and to consider the opportunity to grow a stream of income when direct usage and promotion results in new sales.

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