Why Bhanu Choudhrie chaired the CGE Business Advisory Board

In 2010, Commonwealth Games were held in New Delhi, India, and one name that made headlines was Bhanu Choudhrie. The billionaire investor was in the limelight when he was appointed to chair the Common Wealth Games England advisory board. It was a role that was coveted, and therefore, he was going to play a huge role in the games, especially when it comes to the English team. Considering that New Delhi is where he was born, it came as a sweet surprise for him to be chosen for such a task.

Official friend of the England team

Only a month before the appointment of Bhanu Choudhrie to head the advisory board, Commonwealth Games England had been announced as the official friend of the England team at the competitions. It was after the company raised more than 100,000 pounds for the same course. During the fundraising process, the company had signed up several SMEs. Because of this situation, Choudhrie was going to play a significant role in the games, and everyone was looking ahead to it. True to his word, he did not disappoint because, at the end of the games, there were any success stories to tell.

Happy to take on the role

When he was appointed to head the board, Bhanu Choudhrie said that it was an honor to be accorded such a position. He told the media that he was focused on ensuring that Commonwealth Games England enjoys a lot of success during the games. He also noted that they were going to take care of more than 400 athletes from England, and this was no mean task. It became even more critical when they noted that it was a team of the most elite athletes from across the country, and so, they need to put everything in place.

Bhanu Choudhrie grew up just like any other Indian kid in New Delhi. He was born in 1978 and grew up under the care of his parents who ensured that he goes to school. His education saw him move to the United States where he studies international business and marketing. He then moved to the UK where he has worked ever since.

For more info visit: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/HT88WZWX1qPDIOHDev-KX3T1WSY/appointments


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