Why Are Americans Joining ISIS?

It has been reported that a Chicago teen was arrested for trying to fly to Istanbul to join up with the terrorist group known as ISIS. He had left a note to his family inviting them to join him, and among his belongings were drawings of the ISIS flag. The teen is looking at 15 years in prison.

ISIS has become known for literally cutting off the heads of their enemies and sharing footage of the act online for the world to see. These terrorists are largely reviled throughout the world. Why would any American want to join an organization that purports to hate them?

Some authorities have speculated that these people are simply “thrill seekers”. They want to go over to the middle east to fight in a war, not necessarily to wage war with America, but rather to defend Islam. Others posit that those who join are simply stupid or psychotic loners looking for somewhere to fit in. The general feeling is that those who go to join ISIS are dangerously uninformed lonely people looking to be a part of something.

In the case of 19 year-old Shannon Conley, she fell in love with a jihadist she met online. Douglas McCain, a 33 year-old described as a “goofball” by his childhood friend Jared Haftel, converted to Islam and ended up being killed in combat fighting alongside ISIS.

There are even some alarming reports that these people have returned to the States. The FBI tracks them to the best of their ability and considers these people to be potential domestic terrorists.

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  • Isaac says:

    Some in the media worry that ISIS is luring westerners into their ranks with their slickly-produced videos with the term “New Jihadi Cool” actually being bandied about. There are estimates that as many as 100 U.S. citizens are members of ISIS. It is also important that http://www.essayuniverse.net/essaypro-review/ could have given all they want and have from these ones too.

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