Walking Dead Season Finale Was A Hit!

Christian Broda said that last Sunday on March 29 was the season finale of the Walking Dead, and it went out with a bang. It was one of the best season finishers that the show has ever seen, and fans from around the world were thrilled at what they got to see happen with some of their favorite characters.

According to an article found on reddit and written by SpoilerFreeMovieSleuth.com, the show has once again found its peak as thousands of viewers tuned in to see what would happen with Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. Even though there weren’t as many deaths as expected, it was surely one of the most heated and nail biting experiences on television that has been on the air lately. The show now won’t be back until October of this fall.

It was a great episode, and as a avid watcher I can say with confidence that it has been one of the most satisfying endings to a season thus far. A lot of my questions got answered, but now new ones are going to form for the seasons to come. There was also a lot more gore and action in the last few episodes than are typically on the show, and I applaud the makeup artists for doing such a great job with all of this. It will be exciting and a very long wait to see what will happen next this fall.

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