Vijay Eswaran’s Impact Investment and Gender Parity Campaigns

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman, author, and philanthropist. He is the founder of a multinational conglomerate company QI Group. The company has diverse interests in market selling, real estate development, education sector, retail segment and hospitality in a multitude of countries. He is an Economics graduate, whom soon after completing his studies, moved to the United States where he worked for several companies before relocating to Asia.

Vijay started a direct selling network business in 1998, with the enterprise rapidly growing to a market leader in the South-East Asian market, the Middle East region, and Africa. The network has conducted training on over a million entrepreneurs in the most challenging and promising global emerging markets. Eswaran is passionate about working with disadvantaged communities, and this has led him to start mentorship programs and foundations.

The Concordia Annual Meeting is an event that brings together speakers from diverse industries in an attempt to promote critical global interactions and chart the way forward. Vijay’s talk in the summit centered on impact investment and role of women in business in the East Asian Markets. He discussed the flaw in Asian countries in neglecting the importance of business and entrepreneurial education.

Questions arise on the relevance of the education curriculum, its rationale in setting the foundation for learners to succeed, and the skills impacted on students by the time they complete their studies. It is for this very reason that Vijay’s QI Group has set out as one of its objectives to assist students and more so women. Vijay sees the first move in impact investing in his group’s action of building a university that addresses the issue.

Vijay Eswaran continues his speaking tour, with events scheduled in New York City. The American trip comes on the back of his successful talks in the Concordia Summit and the World Economic Forum, where he highlighted issues regarding gender parity and impact investing.

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