USHealth’s HOPE Program Nearing A Decade Of Giving Thanks To Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has continued to make a difference in the lives of many and has been driven to enable others to do the same as well through the HOPE program at USHealth. The name is an acronym that stands for “Helping Other People Everyday,” and it has become a life goal and daily mission for many at the company. Troy McQuagge US Health started the program back in 2010 as one of the early initiatives as he had just taken over at the position of President. Now, the company and its parent must have received a boost from the kindness, because they are now operating at a level over 10x greater than at that time.

New Orleans was one of the first cities to receive a boost from the philanthropy of the HOPE organization. Hurricane Katrina could take out many of the lifelines, but it was not able to stop the goodness from flowing all around. They joined forces with the PNOLA (Phoenix of New Orleans) group in order to help the victims rebuild their homes. There were also many hundreds of man-hours dedicated to razing and restoration efforts in the areas that were hit the roughest. There have been many more similar efforts from the USHA (USHealth Advisors).

For example, something like $70,000 has been donated to HOPEKids Arizona so that the non-profit can more easily handle its excellent work of helping the families of children who have been stricken with cancer or another terminal illness. Troy McQuagge likes to stand by these efforts by explaining that every company has a soul and that USHealth is simply exhibiting theirs through these charitable efforts. Chief Marketing Officer Brian Clark agrees and he also said that the company does not take the task of helping others lightly because the organization feels that it is part of their corporate responsibility that cannot be ignored.

USHealth Advisor Agents exist in many different communities throughout the country, and many are following the example by doing some similar work around their own place of business. For example, Division Leader Elizabeth Byrne helped to give back to veterans through collaboration with the Homes For Warriors program in Palm Bay. The workers helped to demolish, rebuild, repair, and cleanup new places of residence for many along the Brevard County landscape and as a service project of the Space Coast Paratroopers Association.

Overall, one can only hope for great things to continue to happen at the company so that they can flourish and then be able to give just as generously as they have been over these past years. As the Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program of 2010 nears its first decade of existence there should be more excellence ahead for all.

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