Upcoming Netflix Food-Related Series

Viewers may be familiar with the hit series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that originally debuted on Bravo in July of 2003. The show was all about gay men providing their tasteful input and opinions on music, fashion styles, home design, and food. Food-lovers will soon rejoice to learn that Netflix is rebooting the show in February with the adapted title of Queer Eye. The energetic trailer of the soon-to-come reboot shows Ted Allen’s former personal chef passionately explaining, “I want him to look at his diet and see the possibility of a different kind of life.” See the full trailer here.

Another tantalizing must-watch Netflix food series to come is called Ugly Delicious. David Chang, previously starring on Mind of a Chef, brings his expertise to this new Netflix documentary in which he travels the world and speaks with various experts and impactful people from different cultures about food and drink. Chang aims for the show to encourage more people to have honest, open conversations about their tastes.

While Chang hopes to encourage honesty in the food industry, no food documentary may do so more than Rotten. This show was introduced to Netflix in 2017 and is a must-see for food-lovers who are curious about the origin of their food as well as the ethical standards that go into its production. The series has 6 different installments that cover a wide variety of food-related issues.

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