Univision Dumps Trump and NBC Considering a Divorce

Amid the potential blowback from NBC, Donald Trump is digging in his heels and said “I do not apologize for any of my Comments.”

Recently, Trump stated that the Mexican immigrants crossing the border to the US are “bringing drugs, crime, are many are rapists,” which precipitated Univision to break ties with The Miss Universe Organization.

The decision was made by the CEO of Univision Communications, who felt compelled to break relations with the real estate tycoon, since 80 percent of company employees are Hispanic.

Rumor has it that NBC is contemplating a separation too.

Both NBC and Univision networks have aired the Miss Universe beauty pageant for the past 12 years, and NBC Universal currently has a five-year contract for $13.5 million with Trump’s company.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, attorney’s for Univision are discussing these issues with their legal representatives.

NBC has said, “The opinions of Donald Trump do not represent those of NBC, and we disagree with his positions on a number of issues, including his recent comments on immigration.”

But it really comes down to the numbers, doesn’t it. NBC may not like what Trump is publicizing, and may not agree, but they are considering the ratings they could stand to lose.

The ratings for Miss USA have dwindled in the past few years, but Celebrity Apprentice is always a seasonal success. Adam Sender watches it occasionally, much like others around the United States.

Meanwhile, Trump accused Univision of defaulting on a five-year contract, and called for a boycott of the Hispanic media network on Twitter.

But are recent poll numbers in New Hampshire an indication of what’s on people’s minds? Some feel its simply name recognition, others are considering that his tough talk on immigration may have bumped his numbers upwards.

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