Two Stars of Blockbusters Lend Their Clout to an Original Film

Original productions seem to be a tough sell in Hollywood these days. With the box office disappointment of an original movie like “Tomorrowland” and the incredible success of sequels like “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Jurassic World,” new story ideas present a challenge. Still, there will always be those who will pioneer into the unknown to keep audiences invigorated with original stories. There appears to be such a movie coming, and it is called “Passengers.”

This new film may have an advantage over other fairly original stories in that it is packing a powerhouse cast. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will be teaming up in this movie, which looks to be a combination science fiction, drama and romance from early descriptions. Jennifer Lawrence is box office gold after playing the lead in the immensely successful Hunger Games films, and Chris Pratt is the star of “Jurassic World,” which is only the movie that just grabbed the honor of having the biggest opening weekend ever. The basic premise of “Passengers” has to do with a group of people in hibernation aboard a spacecraft, but apparently Pratt’s character awakes many decades too early, and he wakes Lawrence’s character rather than living out his life alone. If these two can’t guarantee the success of this film when it releases, then everything else about it would have to be awful. Just ask Jim Dondero and other fans.

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