Trump Support Is Decreasing in Indiana

One of the states that the Donald Trump presidential campaign thought would be a lock is Indiana. It is not hard to understand why. Mike Pence is Trump’s running mate. He also happens to be the current governor of Indiana. However, recent polls would indicate that support for the Trump/Pence ticket is not as strong as people in the campaign hoped it would be. The election is a little more than three weeks away. Trump campaign officials were anticipating a huge separation from Hillary Clinton in Pence’s home state. However, that has not happened.


There has been much debate among political pundits as to why polls in Indiana indicate the Trump campaign is failing to gain momentum. Some Indiana voters claim that they feel ignored by Trump because the Republican nominee is spending a lot of his time campaigning in battleground states like Ohio and Florida. Other voters indicate that they do not like the fact that Trump and Pence are still clearly divided on a few of the key issues. They would prefer that the running mates be on the same page with the election looming.


There has been some discussion among people in the Trump campaign regarding what can be done to improve voter support in Indiana. There can be no question that it would be a devastating blow to Trump’s hopes of winning the election if he loses Indiana. It remains to be seen if the Trump campaign’s strategies to win Indiana will eventually pay off in November.



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