Troy McQuaggeExemplary Leader with Tremendous Business Skills

Troy McQuagge, President, and CEO of USHEALTH Group is the man behind the rapid success achieved by USHEALTH Group in the last few years. Even though USHEALTH Group is a relatively new firm in the insurance industry, the company has been making rapid progress in the previous few years under the leadership of Troy McQuagge. At the time when Troy McQuagge joined the company, it was still in the infancy stage, but today, USHEALTH Group Inc is worth over a billion dollars and counting. Troy McQuagge has made extensive internal and external changes in the company’s organization and structure that has helped the firm strengthen its position in the market. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge is also known for his commitment towards the community, and the first thing he did when named as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors was to initiate the HOPE program. It is through the HOPE program that the company launches various charitable efforts to help the people in need in the local communities across the country. When hurricane Katrina struck in and around New Orleans, it led to the devastation of unprecedented size and cost hundreds of lives. Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Group was amongst the first to run to the help of the people in New Orleans and helped in the rebuilding of homes for the people who lost everything they had due to the hurricane. It is tough to start life afresh after experiencing something as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina, but Troy McQuagge made it possible.

Troy McQuagge USHealth knows and understands that leading the company to success and enhancing its revenue is not the only responsibility as a leader, but to also stay committed to the local communities. It is for this reason he strives for developing a positive work environment within the company as well for its employees and inculcates in them a commitment to the local communities. He firmly believes that everyone who is a position to do something for the others do their bit, the world would be a better place. Troy McQuagge takes HOPE mission initiated by USHEALTH Group seriously and personally looks for ways in which he can help people in need through various measures. Read more:



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