Troy McQuagge Awarded as Best CEO

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. was named the CEO of the Year in the One Planet Awards. The award is a global program that honors business professionals for excellence in various industries. Different types of organizations such as private, public, non-profit, profit, huge, small, and startups are eligible to participate.

The award comes because of Troy McQuagge’s effort to turn the company around since he joined in 2010. First, he rebuilt its distribution agency. After the success of that effort, he was elected as the CEO and President of the firm in 2014. During his helm at the top, the firm has experienced unprecedented growth, success, and profitability in the competitive sector of health insurance.

Mr. McQuagge said he was honored to receive the award from One Planet. He said that the award was not just his; it belonged to the entire team at USHEALTH Group, Inc. He was proud that his effort to offer solutions to the issue of affordable insurance cover. The solutions he and the team offered was insurance that grows as a person’s healthcare requirements expand.
What are the One Planet Awards?

One Planet Awards is an award program that recognizes companies for their achievements in business. The program confers awards based on various categories such as teams, executives, PR Marketing, corporate communication, new services and products, and organizations from around the world.
What is USHEALTH Group, Inc.?

An insurance holding company has its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. It focuses on offering its clients innovative health insurance to small business owners and self-employed people. The aim of the company is to market its innovative insurance products by combining the talents of its agents and employees. It also aims to offer its customers superior service in every aspect to give it an edge in the health insurance sector.

About Troy McQuagge

He is the President, CEO, and Member of the Board of USHEALTH. He joined the insurance firm’s agency in 2010 as the President and CEO. Later on, he was promoted to the position of Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer at USHEALTH Group. He was eventually promoted to his current position in 2014.

He began his career at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He later moved to Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Company in 1995. Later on, he was named the President of UICI’s insurance agency in 1997. When private investors acquired UICI in 2006, it changed its name to HealthMarkets. McQuagge was put in charge of the new firm’s marketing and sales efforts. He earned his B.A. degree in 1983 from the University of Central Florida. He has earned various awards over the years as a testament to his excellence in the insurance sector.

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