Tidal is Back in the News with New Music for Spring 2017

Tidal streaming music app is back in the news now that it has gained momentum with new, exclusive tracks! Yes, Tidal streaming music will be releasing exclusive tracks from Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, and T.I. In the spring of 2017.

Jay-Z was afraid that his newest investment was going to suffer due to lack of exclusive content. However, his new manager, Desiree Perez is definitely proving her worth, and her marketing skills have been extremely valuable to Tidal streaming music app.

Until now, Tidal has been an underdog in the streaming music industry, leaving Jay-Z wondering what happened to his huge investment. After bringing Desiree Perez on board, some amazing things are taking place behind the scenes, new business deals are being made, and new content is becoming available to members.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a business owner who is well=known for working miracles behind the scenes. She has worked with many music artists on booking stadiums for their tours, and managing their album marketing strategies. Her husband is Juan Perez, the head of Roc Nation Sports.  Know her more, follow her tumblr.com page.

She possesses extremely strong negotiation skills and business understanding, which is exactly how she has managed to land such amazing exclusive deals for exclusive releases in 2017. Since she already has a relationship with many artists, she will definitely bring great value to the company.   See also hitsdailydouble.com.

The Future of Tidal

Tidal streaming music app has an uncertain future. Since Jay-Z has invested so much into getting this app off the ground, the thought of selling to a corporation has definitely crossed his mind. While the possibility of selling is not set in stone, it is a possibility that is being considered. However, it is possible that if Perez is able to get the app off the ground, he may consider keeping the app. Especially if he starts to see a substantial return on his financial investment.  Hop over to this to read more related articles.

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