This Week In Indiana News

Recently published data from the Department of Justice finds that Dearborn County, Indiana incarcerates more people than almost any other county in the United States– about ten percent of the adult population is in prison. The DOJ hopes to reduce the number of people imprisoned, but some locals feel that stricter laws are a good thing.

Donald Trump continues to hold out on releasing tax returns but his running mate, Indiana governor Mike Pence, promises to offer up his returns within the next week. Pence maintains the information has not been made public sooner due to a federal audit.

Hundreds of residents in an East Chicago apartment complex were notified about soil contamination due to possible lead and copper exposure. So far, 85 children have had blood tests return unsafe lead levels. One attorney representing the families is probing to find out if public officials knew about the contamination and allowed it to persist.

Khin Par Thaing, a mother accused of beating her 7-year-old with a coat hanger, has been unsuccessful in her efforts to use Indiana’s religious-freedom law to release her from criminal charges. One judge has already declined her request to have the case dismissed. Thaing goes to trial next month.

On October 31st, the Goshen Coach’s Elkhart facility will close its’ doors forever. Although over one hundred and fifty employees will be laid off, the company has promised to offer severance packages and transition programs. No reason has been given as to why the plant is closing.

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