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Kevin Seawright is an accomplished figure in financial management and administration. Currently, he doubles up as the executive vice-president and chief financial officer at the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin has enjoyed a very fulfilling career. He has consistently engaged his financial expertise for the benefit of various organizations in the last fifteen years.

The accomplished Kevin Seawright lives a public life, making himself available on social media and other platforms. His career achievements span both the private and public sectors of the economy. Starting out in a government job in Maryland, he made enormous strides in the asset management and construction. After a decade of gathering experience, he made the leap of faith to the rewarding private sector.

Seawright speaks passionately about the transformation of urban centers. Just a year ago, Kevin received an appointment onto the Newark CEDC and took on the job with high energy. He feels proud to be associated with the development agenda of the Newark community. In his assessment, the small enterprise model favors economic growth in the city. The development of transport and communication networks makes it possible to move goods and people. The town also possesses an enormous human resource base.

When speaking to WorldClassMagazines, Kevin Seawright attributes his management style to the need to create a long-lasting solution for everyday problems. Transformation takes time, dedication, and sacrifice. People must collaborate in a collective spirit. Behind every successful man lies a supportive family. Kevin grew up under very social and supportive parents.

Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright

He began attending communal, and youth programs while a teenager. His parents were also keen to teach Kevin and his siblings the essential skills of financial management. Their parental instincts trickled down to Kevin hence his success today. He is also a family man who dedicates his time to his daughter’s academic and social development.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation started operations in 2007 with the primary aim of catalyzing economic development for the region. Its main activities relate to the attraction, establishment, and retention of corporates. Real estate development was also identified as a key investment attraction hence the appointment of the experienced Kevin Seawright.

The organization links with like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations around Newark to implement policies. As modern development patterns would have it, the theme of job creation, standards of living and sustainable growth prevail. Elsewhere, Kevin Seawright associates with the youth and young professionals.

Being a man of the people, he is a role model people can emulate. He is also an authority on matters of investment and social change. His social media presence makes him interact with the masses and wins their support. He remains active on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Given time and support, the Newark community can make great strides with Kevin at the helm of Newark.

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