The Work of Igor Cornelsen

A well known an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen has impacted the business world in a tremendous way. A native of Curitiba, Brazil, Cornelsen has nearly four decades of experience working in the business world. His resume is proof that he knows how to lead a company and how to maintain high levels of success.

Igor Cornelsen is a graudate of Federal University of Parana. Igor studied both engineering and economics at the university. His move to economics was in large part due to an incredible talent for calculating compound interest rates with no technology of calculators. After college Cornelsen earned a job working at an investment bank. It took just a few years before Cornelsen had worked his way up to being the CEO of Multibanco.

Igor Cornelsen would soon go on to pursue other opportunities. He worked for one of the top investment firms in Brazil, Unibanco. A few years later he moved on to work for Libra Bank PLC, a top merchant bank. Nearly a decade later Cornelsen would go on to start his own company that offered similar services to Merchant Bank.

Cornelsen has a unique approach that has lead him to his success. He spends each day following international news and reading about the finances of various companies. Cornelsen spends time studying improving economies and then invest in them at just the right moment. Cornelsen is constantly looking at possible trends that can change the market and impact people in a positive way. His financial advices is pretty simple. He encourages managers to fine easy ways of sourcing information. He recommends they reading instead of taking the advice of marketers. He also teaches managers to learn to evaluate their finances and strategize in smart ways. Igor Cornelsen has impacted the business world in a major way. Despite years in the business, he appears set for much more success in the future.

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