The Villagers Take Action

LinkedIn writes that politicians must know by now that if they say no to a good cause, the citizens will do it anyway. This has been observed in numerous places. One place in particular, located in India, has gone above and beyond to raise money for their poor town for the purpose of trying to promote wealth. Nine villages in Haryana’s Sirsa district, India, have decided to build a bridge with their own funded money in order to promote prosperity.

They villagers of this district first went to the bureaucrats of the lands, who of course turned their interests down. This sparked a flame among the villagers. The politicians had denied them their requests to build a bridge over the Ghaggar river that would enable the residence to reach of towns with their farm produce in less time.

With this said, the villagers had become collecting money that would enable them to build a 250 ft bridge that would expand across the river. Despite being ignored by the Indian politicians, this local village has been able to take action. Since building the bridge however, no politician has ever bothered to visit the newly built bridge. To help with the construction of this bridge, the villagers even received the help of a contracted engineer who was hired by these very same politicians. Those in power should keep in mind the majority for the day when they are no longer in power.

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