The Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food Flavors From Beneful

The Beneful line of dry dog foods is one of the best in world. Not only are you getting great tastes that your dog will find delicious, but you are also getting healthy ingredients mixed in to each and every flavor.

Beneful wants your dog to be strong and healthy and live a long life. But they know that in order for this to happen, your dog needs to eat the right foods that are made especially for them. When you choose Beneful, you get real meat flavors, real vegetables and whole grains, and real nutrients and vitamins to make your dog healthy and strong.

Many dogs owners like to buy dry dog food for their dogs. If you are wondering which dry dog food to choose from, here are the top five options from Beneful.

1. Playful Life

This dry dog food flavor is full of protein and includes real beef and eggs to keep your dog’s bones and muscles strong. Real blueberries and baby leaf spinach are also added to improve nutrients and vitamins.

2. Incredibites

Purinastore’s Incredibites Beneful Dry Dog Food: is one of the best selling products from this company. You can choose this type of dry dog food in several different flavors. For example, try Incredibites with real chicken or Incredibites with real beef. Both are tasty and healthy, so your dog is sure to love them.

3. Healthy Puppy

It is important to start your dog early with healthy dry dog food. Give your puppy what they want by giving them Healthy Puppy from Beneful. This flavor has real chicken in it that is accented with carrots and peas for maximum nutrition.

4. Healthy Weight

If your dog is overweight or tends to gain weight easily, you may want to choose this flavor of dry dog food because it can help regulate the weight of your pet. It is calorie smart, but it still includes tasty flavors like chicken, apple, peas and carrots.

5. Originals

When you want something that you know will work with your picky dog, just tried the Originals blends from Beneful. Choose from real beef or real chicken for an always great flavor.



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