The Success of Dan Newlin

A lawyer is a licensed professional who represents others in judicial matters and can also offer legal advice. Practicing as an attorney involves practical applications of legal theories to solve specific problems. The role of lawyers varies across legal jurisdictions. Attorneys specialize in insurance claims, personal injury, marriage laws and, medical malpractice.

About Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin, a Florida-based attorney, and a former sheriff’s Detective began practicing with an intention of offering superior legal advice to clients while helping those who suffered from serious injuries. Lawyer Dan Newlin and his team of professional lawyers help residents of Florida and beyond who have sustained injuries due to gross misconduct of a company or an individual.

New clients

If you contact Dan Newlin, you will be greeted by a professional who will give you timely information about your case. You will then be contacted by lawyer Dan Newlin. Mr. Daniel contacts most clients seeking his services. He understands the need of speaking and meeting with his customers. By the end of the day, the clients testify of getting the best legal advice.

Dan Newlin encounters with past clients

Lawyer Dan and his team have had the honor of helping thousands of families in various accident cases both as a Sheriff’s detective and as a trial lawyer. Many clients have retained Dan Newlin to help them in numerous accidents that result in severe injuries such as;

Hearing loss

Brain injuries



Amputation of extremities

Dan Newlin handled these cases with extreme precision right from the time the families contacted the office until resolution.

Cases handled

You might think that Lawyer Dan and his team take on high profile cases, but they take on all case sizes. Fortunately, not all victims of an accident suffer severe injuries. However, this does not mean that they do not deserve any compensation for physical and psychological injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. Despite the severity of the injury or loss, they take on the cases to help the clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Today, lawyer Newlin has recovered over 150 million dollars for accident and injury victims. He formerly operated from a small office but has now developed into a boutique styled law firm. He serves all of Florida and Illinois offering personalized services to his clients. He works with a team of eighteen lawyers and over seventy-five employees. They focus on motorcycle accidents, medical negligence, personal injury, auto accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death, and truck accidents.

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