The Role of Skout in Social Networking

Communication has been transformed in the 21st century. People do not use fax and other outdated communication methods anymore. The introduction of mobile phone and internet applications has changed the globe hence making work easier. Sending an email or chatting with friends is not as hard as it used to be. For instance, one may choose not to go to a meeting and send an email or work at the comfort of their home. The social network has been categorized as the best platform among people who share a similar interest in terms of activities and real life connections. It is also a platform that offers services, which enables an individual have a public profile. On the same note, it entails creating a list of friends with whom one will be able to communicate and share ideas.

One of the most used online dating and social networking application is Skout on zendesk. It is a locally based service that is accessible in various devices such as a computer, and Smartphone. Besides, it is widely known since it was the first dating application that emphasized user’s location. So as to find other users easily, Skout has enabled its global positioning system that is only limited to adult applications. As one searches for different people, he or she can also view their interest and profile. It also allows users to send gifts and messages. The application can be downloaded from Google play and App store.

Skout is not only a dating application site, but also a tool that assists tourist to communicate and share while traveling. As the company suggested that the site launched so as to help people who love to expand their social life. It has a traveling feature that enables an individual to turn a trip into a vacation by posting various destination sites. The purpose of introducing the travel application was to help members by making new friends while traveling and also help users to find contacts to various destination sites.

However, it is not recommended to take a selfie while in the bathroom. The company banned the bathroom, powder room, and shirtless pictures. That said, people have had a trend of copying the celebrity’s selfie and caption themselves in a similar way. If a user is wearing a shirt or a T-shirt and he is in a bathroom, and then that would be accepted to post on Skout.

Valentine’s Day is the most boring and lonely times on dating site. Many users tend to have a planned scheduled for that day hence keeping off from the site. Skout declared February 4 to be an International Online Friend day. Minimal registration has also been experienced in the month of February. The company surveyed and found out that seventeen percent of users used the website in the period.

According to statistics, it has been analyzed that many people tend to take lots of time on browsing and chatting with new friends. For instance, an application like Skout can cause people to chat all day long, for it makes them relax, minimizing stress and work pressure.

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