The revolution of social life; Billy McFarland’s Magnises

When it comes to living life and having a good time, the millenials always have ideas that are very different from those of the other generations. One millennial who has managed to transform the social scene for all the people that like going out, whether confident or shy is Billy McFarland.

Billy came up with a platform that would allow users connect with all the places where the action was taking place. The towns that he had when he was starting were the major cities on the west coast, but he is now spreading to the major towns in the East. Here is what you may not yet know about Magnises.

To become a member, you go to the Magnises website and sign up. The process is quite simple and will only take you a few minutes. The details that will be needed from you include full legal names, age, occupation and physical address. They may also ask about income levels and the type of job you do. After completing the form, site administration reviews your request to join and decides whether you can be a member or not.

Once you have been approved, you gain access to all the events that take place close to you. The events that you can attend include wine tastings, exclusive food tasting events with the best chefs, great tickets to the games you are a fan of and many other high end social events.

All these are deals that you get for less than $10 in subscription fees per year. Other benefits that come from being part of the site include the ability to meet and network about business or socially with other members of the site and also the fact that you can get assistance in renting office space at very competitive prices.

About Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland was born in New York and raised in Short Hills. He has always had an entrepreneurial mindset because at the mere age of 13, he had started his first company. He was a Computer Engineering student of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania before he dropped out and founded companies such as Spling and now Magnises.

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