The Reign of Susan McGalla

There is a lot of talk about marketing professional and business leader Susan McGalla and the way that she has been able to change the entire for women that want to be a part of the retail industry. McGalla has received a lot of accolades for all the work that she has done in her CEO position.

She received a degree from Mount Union College. She started working with a career in Joseph Horne Company, but this would only be the beginning of her achievements. She would learn about marketing concepts in school and implement these concepts throughout her career as she continued to move up the corporate ladder in a very swift manner. Eventually she would build a career in the workforce as a business leader that reached the level of CEO. This is where she reached a great level of success, and that is how I became inspired by what she was doing.

As someone that owned her very own consulting company it would be easy for people to recognize her skills as a branding and marketing expert. I certainly think that she knows exactly what it takes to make a business thrive.

A lot of people are impressed with the way that Susan McGalla has been able to lead in the different positions that she has working. I think that she is a good resource for any woman that may have been considering going into the area of corporate business and marketing.

Susan has proven that she knows a lot about the business, and she has the skills that it takes two get results when it comes to building a brand. It takes a lot of experience to become good at building brands, but Susan has what it takes because of the positions that she has held. When she worked for American Eagle I have no doubt that she knew about every aspect of the company.

Susan worked her way up the ladder so it was easy for her to know about different departments and how the business worked because she was hands-on in so many different roles throughout the company. By the time she reached the level of CEO it is possible that she may have become connected to multiple business functions throughout the company. This gave her better insight about where the brand was going and how she could alter different departments to increase sales.

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