The Recognition of the QI Group and Joseph Bismark

The QI Group of Companies has recently been recognized and reported by Yahoo for its success as a company. The recognition came directly from the United Nations which recognized the QI Group of companies as a member of The United Nations Global Compact Network. The UNGC is one of the largest organizations under the UN that involves sustainability initiatives. The reason for this honorable recognition is the fact that the QI company has recently pledged its adoption of sustainable as well as responsible business practices.

Mr. Joseph Bismark, the Group Managing Director, accepted this honor with great gratitude. Mr. Bismark is especially proud to have his company linked to the UN. The UNGC is an organization that is dedicated to spreading human rights globally. The goal of this company is to not only spread certain ideas of human rights but to also fight for issues concerning the environment, labor, as well as anti-corruption.

The new honor of being apart of a business initiative, is that the business will now engage in opportunities that can better the world. This honor now provides the company with a policy that implements an increase in development. Mr. Bismark even states that the fact that the company is linked to the UN, is an honor. The United Nations has extensive resources and policies that can be utilized by the QI Group of Companies.

QI Group of Companies was recognized as being a multi-national organization that comprises of multiple businesses. Over 30 different companies are proud to say that they work with Joseph Bismark and the QI Group of Companies. Joseph Bismark has proved to be the right fit as the leader of this company. Through Mr. Bismark’s demonstration of leadership as well as versatility, Mr. Bismark is well respected among all.

Mr. Bismark has been recently recognized for his passion for doing extraordinary things. Mr. Bismark has even been labeled as a role model for others through his encouragement to pursue dreams. Mr. Bismark, in particular, has pursued many dreams. This includes, being a bonsai master, a martial arts enthusiast, a philosopher, and many other things. Mr. Bismark is particularly keen on health and educating people on what it takes to live a healthy life. Mr. Bismark is particularly encouraging when it comes to pursuing yoga because of his belief that yoga is one of the best ways to encourage a healthy meal with a healthy amount of exercising.

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