The Ports in Indiana Did Well in 2016

2016 was an outstanding year for all of the ports around the entire state of Indiana. In fact, only one other year was better in the 55 years since port records started to be kept. There are a total of three ports in Indiana. They combined to handle cargo that totaled more than 11 million tons last year. This continues an outstanding run for the state where its ports are concerned. This makes three consecutive years that the ports in the state have moved over 10 million tons of cargo.


Experts in the shipping industry point to Indiana as having some of the most modern equipment and facilities that are currently in use anywhere in the United States. In fact, there has been a great deal of construction and improvements made in recent years at all three of Indiana’s ports. This was made possible by money made available by the state government to be used specifically for improvements to the ports. They have made the most out of that money. The good news is that the growth of Indiana’s ports does not appear to be over. There are plans for expansion in light of the massive volume of cargo that has been moved over the past three years.


A fourth port has been talked about. It is just in the preliminary stages at this point. An architect has not been hired and an exact location has not yet been determined. However, most everyone is in agreement that a fourth port will be needed within the next five years. This is assuming that the rate of cargo handled by Indiana’s ports continues to grow at the rate it has for the past three years. It remains to be seen where the funding would come from that would be needed to build a fourth port.

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