The Philosophy of North American Spine

North American Spine specializes in providing conservative, holistic treatment through the gradual increasing of risk and invasiveness of options for the patient. They start with the principle of introducing shifts in the patient’s lifestyle through diet and exercising, working up to additional techniques including physical therapy, massage therapy, and pain management. Further along the chain is a unique AccuraScope procedure for surveying the pain areas, and finally a variety of surgical techniques if and as needed.

The goal of treatment is gradual escalation, rather than a jump to the most risky and invasive treatment options. This methodology is termed by them the “Continuum of Care”. North American Spine devised a methodology that step-by-step takes patients along these treatments, while monitoring their progress and responsiveness to various therapeutic techniques and procedures all the while. Ideally, a point is reached in the treatment where the patient finds relief well before considering the need for surgery.

North American Spine looks at the patient as a whole individual, and looks at many causes for their back and neck-pain. These factors require a broader perspective, often falling into general lifestyle adjustments. These factors allow the specialists to help mitigate the issues of back-pain that are linked to a variety of factors that might not otherwise be considered or approached as related to the condition.

Central to many of the treatments offered by North American Spine is the AccuraScope procedure. In this procedure a catheter is inserted into the target area in the patient’s back, which guides the use of a laser that treats the specific areas of pain.

Part of their philosophy is the understanding that the treatment of back-pain is not a one-shot deal. It involves an ongoing lifestyle mind and body shift, which includes continuous adjustments including exercise and lifestyle awareness. Treatment from back and neck-pain involves an appreciation for the full life-cycle of the condition. North American Spine provides such an understanding, and such a treatment.

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