The Mortgage Industry Thrives Under Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is considered to be one of the most successful mortgage industry entrepreneurs. He is a family man and currently lives in Bethsada, Maryland with his two children. He went to Side Well Friends School in 1977 and proceeded to High school at Hightstown. His entrepreneurial skill became evident during his studies at Syracuse University. Here, he was involved in a small business that helped him get through at the university. He graduated in the year 1995 having completed his studies in speech communication. His completion was followed by an employment contract with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. With this company, he worked for five years and gained experience that he used to start his private business.

Later, he got a job with Legacy Financial group and moved to Maryland. It was at this company that he got to interact with investors across the Globe. He was also in charge of mortgage banks that sought the services of the enterprise. In 2002, Lubar formed Legendary Properties LLC. The company invested in the purchase and sale of family homes. Later, the company ventured into development and the sale of apartments. Serving under Legendary properties, Lubar met with the major players in the construction trade. He also cultivated relationships with managers in banks and financial lending institutions. Later, Lubar used these connections to establish a firm foundation for his business.

In 2003, Lubar co-founded Charter Funding. Charter funding was a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Inc. He took the role of vice president. As a result of the coexistence between these two companies, Lubar used his access to Magnus capital to further his interests.

Lubar later founded another company that majored in providing loans to organizations, unions, and people who could not get financed by conventional lenders. The availability of these customers has helped the company transact over 7000 deals since its foundation. He named the company Legendary Financial LLC.

As a result of the downward trend in the economy, the mortgage industry experienced significant problems, and drastic changes had to be made. This downward trend forced Lubar to divert his investments into other sectors. He acquired several demolition industries. He also ventured into the nightclub industry as it is considered to be an ever growing market. Finally, he eyed the waste management sector by acquiring a scrap metal recycling company. Currently, TDL global venture is run under his authority as CEO.

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