The Lows of Kyle Bass

In 2006, Kyle Bass founded hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management. His fame and respect in the fund industry grew astronomically after he accurately predicted the mortgage crisis of 2008. He has remained a favorite hedge fund manager of worldwide investors. However, he is not without his imperfections-and they seem to be appearing more and more. These imperfections have been appearing in both his business and private life for the past several years. Today, regardless of his original finance having been thoroughly soiled, he gives a public appearance of remaining financially brilliant by appearing on the news and giving his opinion whenever possible.

He has found a lot of insider respect and admiration in Argentina. This may largely because he is a close friend and confidante of the much feared and hated despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It is an odd friendship because Kirchner has proven herself to be a complete financial incompetent. It seems like this would be obvious to a hedge fund manager. However, he has not ignored these horrible financial decisions. He has staunchly defended them! He has steadfastly remained close to her side against international government rulings against her.

In any case, with her aid, he has sunk to even deeper unethical lows. His friendship with Kirchner may also help him in the U.S., where his questionable patents were for a time easily passed through the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. But it appears as reported, this is coming to a halt with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board denying his most recent patent challenges. His corrupt dealings do not end there. There are seemingly endless examples such as how he went on TV on behalf of GM, an investment, to blame deceased costumers for their deaths when the fault was actually GM’s failure to repair faulty air bags. And his future dealings in the arena do not look much brighter. He may be moving on to something else. The only question is what lowly and unethical project will he screw up next

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