The Leading Advertising Agency in Brazil

Many people have invested a lot of resources in the advertisement industry. This is because the world has moved to the digital platform where business competitions have increased. Many companies are investing a lot in the marketing and advertising field. This has enabled many people to develop different types of businesses as a source of livelihood. As a result, many different advertising agencies have developed across the world to keep up with the emerging market structures. Through advertisement, many people are able to maximize their sales and make a lot of profit. Advertising is used to popularize any product or service that is in the market. This makes the product to be popular leading to increased demand of any given product. Heads Propaganda is one of the leading advertising agencies in Brazil. The agency was formed by likeminded people who wanted to from a business empire that would compete to the global level.

The company has been in existence for the past 25 years. Throughout its growth, it has attracted a very large number of clients who depend on it for advertising services. The company has its headquarters in Curitiba City in Brazil. Some of the notable companies that rely on this agency include; Petrobras, Volvo and Shop South Federal Savings Bank. Volvo Company is one of the largest motor vehicle companies in the world. These notable names have earned the company improved reputation in the world of business. The company capitalizes on risk management and over the years, it has continued to increase the profit earning with an estimated worth of 9million dollars in assets. The company has increased its services to other towns and has opened branches Rio De Jaeniro. Due to the increased demand and good performance, the company has partnered with other notable advertising agencies in the United States of America.

Claudio Loureiro is the Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of heads propaganda. His diverse skills in the advertising and business field have scaled the company to be among the top performing advertising agency in the world. He graduated with a degree of law from PUC- PR University and later graduated with a degree in communication and public relations. This gave him the initiative to invest in the advertising industry. He uses the principle of unlimited advertising opportunities where every person is free to invest in the capital market. Due to his experiences, he has participated in many organizations like the Brazilian Chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization. In addition, he is has participated in many cultural events with the aim of improving good working relationship with the general public.

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