The Kabbalah Centre and Their History

The Kabbalah Center was created in 1922. Rav Yehuda Ashlag wanted to make his experience, and wisdom accessible. Eventually he passed the leadership role to a student named Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, who passed it down to Rav Berg later on. This is the background that began The Kabbalah Centre.


The main goal of the center is about God, and the amazing knowledge presented in the universe. Kabbalah is explained quite often as the mystery of Jews. This knowledge is believed to have been passed down from Adam all the way through the ages to Moses. Only selectively chosen individuals received this knowledge.


Unfortunately, this knowledge was never taught to women, kids or men who were not well learned. When the eighteenth century turned, rabbis stopped any access to these sacred writings that was not supervised. Many of these texts were deliberately cryptic or coded to protect them from outsiders. Many believed this was because the Kabbalah Centre addressed matters the Torah did not.


The main portion of the Kabbalah is based upon the Zohar. Mostly written in Aramaic, this is how the secrets of the creation were given to the greatest of the sages. They stated the only way to reach true redemption is through the divine light of God.


The true importance of being able to pass the Kabbalah’s knowledge beyond the scholars was realized by Rav Ashlag. After journeying to Jerusalem, he had his concepts of vocabulary publicized. These terms would help those with an understanding of the Kabbalah understand the terminology better. He spoke of living a fulfilled life, of every person having the ability to live a good and decent life, and of a time when people would not be judged by religion or race. He referred to his work’s as those of a global spirituality.


His attempts to reach large groups of people did not work. It was not until he died in 1955 that the Zohar was finally made accessible to everyone. It has taken decades of translations, classes, technology and books to finally make people aware of what the Kabbalah really means. By making these readings easy to understand and approach, the true meaning has been revealed.

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