The Influence of Jeunesse Global

Something customers often do not consider when they witness the level of tyranny within the health and beauty industry is that just because there are many corrupt corporations does not mean that they all are. One shining example within the community that stands out as being particularly suited to adapting to the needs of the people is Jeunesse Global, and the reason their reputation for customer satisfaction is so enormous is likely due to the factors surrounding their conception.

Jeunesse Global was not just a business; it was a response. When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the cofounders of the prolific health company, first saw what their industry had devolved into in 2009, they were so concerned that they decided they would make a difference. While many businesses enter an industry because they want to capitalize on its level of public interest, Jeunesse Global stands out as being a more result-driven corporation.

Unfortunately, the reality of our economic ecosystem is that the interests of the corporate few often do not reflect those of the many. It is reassuring, therefore, to see a business model like Jeunesse Global, where the people’s needs are considered before all else. After all, it is these needs that will ultimately end up pushing us to the best society we can be. Through listening to the common people, we can determine which parts of our society are defunct and need to be changed.

While many businesses would rather simply ignore the public’s desire to improve themselves, Jeunesse Global seeks to work with it. They do not want people to feel alienated within their own bodies, so they create the products needed for individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin. Ultimately, this is their vision. They see a future America wherein everyone feels as though their bodies are running at their greatest capacity, and they want to do everything they can to reach that future. The creation of Jeunesse Global will go down in history as being one of the single most influential decisions upon American health, and with their track record, we can trust that their influence will be positive.

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