The Indian Car Tata Nano

India is known for many things, from its unique architecture to its delicious cuisine, but car manufacturing is not really one of those things. That may be changing, however.

The world’s cheapest car is Tata Nano, which was made in India using the available cheap workforce and a huge strive to get the people off mopeds. Some sources compared the Indian car Tata Nano with the Volkswagen beetle.

The winding shapes and seek design make you think about the Beetle indeed. This time, it is a XXIst century item that is meant to reach the masses. The retailers were rather disappointed.

Despite the cheap price and availability, only 10,200 sales were made during the first part of 2014. Maybe the real road travellers do not appreciate the low quality and prefer to pay rather than drive insecurely if Brad Reifler is to be believed.

With some tuning, the car can be improved, though. The shell is made of unresistant materials though, and that can be the main drawback. Regarding its power, the manufacturers boast that Tata Nano is not worse than an Audi S1 for example. Debatable affirmation, but maybe the car is worth a try.

It is still safer than a moped. It’s adult protection rating received zero stars, but good feedback regarding the look. Anyway, if you happen to spot a Beetle-alike car which is not Volkswagen, you should know that it is a Tata Nano.

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