The Importance of Culture in Advertising

A large part of successful advertising in Brazil is cultural sensitivity. If an ad goes against the sensitivities of the culture, then it could result in a lack of sales. While it can be good to push the envelope, that in and of itself has to be done carefully. It can be somewhat hard for a business to stand out and differentiate itself from other businesses. Fortunately, there are plenty of advertising professionals that are experienced enough to find the right balance between being unique and respecting the culture of Brazil. They are also some of the most creative minds that see advertising as an art and not just a means for bringing in sales.

One of the most creative minds in advertising in Brazil is Claudio Loreiro. His company, Heads Propaganda is very influential when it comes to advertising in and of itself. The artistry behind the ads being produced and presented to the public shows a passion and the unique image of the company and the products being advertised. Claudio’s ads not only bring greater sales, but they also inspire people to appreciate the work that is put into the production in and of itself. This increases business in multitude of ways. Most of all, Claudio shows a lot of respect and love for his Brazilian culture.

In order for a business, product line, or anything to be successful, it requires a lot of exposure. The most effective way to bring exposure to something is to advertise it. This is true for any product. No matter how good the product is, it needs a lot of advertising in order for it to be successful. There have been tons of products that have went under the radar and turned out to be a failure for no other reason than that people just didn’t know about it. There have been shows, movies, and many other types of products that have had minimum advertising if any that have barely made any kind of money.

Also, the culture being advertised has to be respected. People who live in any culture are going to have pride in their culture. Therefore, in order to appeal to that culture, certain aspects of that culture are displayed in the ads in order to bring about more interest from people. This will increase the sales of each culture that it is applied in.

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