The Blackhawks are a Dynasty

The Chicago Blackhawks just won Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals, beating the Tampa Bay Lightning by a series total of 4-2. With that win, they took home their third Stanley Cup over just the last six years, for an average of one Cup win every other year. That makes them one of the few living dynasties in sports.

This type of success is incredibly hard to create in professional sports stated With salary cap restrictions and the NHL draft, everything is set up by the league’s office to make all of the teams as good as possible. The NHL simply wants to provide entertaining match-ups and make it possible for anyone to win, as that is what draws in the most fans. This is different than baseball, where the lack of a salary cap means that the team that is willing to shell out the most cash can easily have the best team.

For the Blackhawks to win this often under that setup is very impressive. What’s more, they’ve done it with some very young players. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Towes still have years to go, and they form the core of the team. There are older players around them, but the Hawks should be able to slowly shuffle the pieces and avoid a total rebuild. By doing so, they could definitely win another Cup at some point in the next two seasons.

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