The Best Job Ever

The role Rochdale Echange Shopping Centre is doing something that the majority of kids would absolutely love. They are looking to hire someone who can be their director of fun. This to many kids like Kenneth Griffin, when he was 8 years old, would be the best job ever. The applicant for this job has to be a boy or girl and they have to be a child that is between the ages of six and 10. If a child is successful in getting this position they will be able to receive one hundred euros worth of toys, and they will be able to attend special events and they will be able to judge certain competitions. This director of fun will have a baton, a hat, a cape, and they will have a badge that they can wear to all of these special events.

The manager of the Rochdale Shopping centre is doing this because they have a tradition of hosting certain events for families at this shopping centre. They wanted to do something to be able to get local children involved, and they wanted to make their events more fun and better for families. This would truly be the best job ever for any child between the ages of six and 10.

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