The Awe-inspiring Music Business of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an accomplished music producer who has achieved a lot due to his unique business approach. While producing music, Mr. Clay uses the artist’s feelings and state of mind to come up with music that is appealing a client. Clay’s primary goal as a producer is to create outstanding and unique performances. Clay has a huge workload that forces him to work for seven days weekly.


In an interview, Hutson said that his past experiences motivated him to start his own music company. All the positions he held in other companies added knowledge to him about business and music in general. Clay says that he continues to learn new things, especially about music. According to him, it is crucial for an individual to perfect skills that are related to their job. During the recession, Hutson decided to quit employment because he was not impressed by the performance of the company.


Clay Hutson states that most of his time is spent in different shows carrying out the role of a stage manager. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, Clay arrives at the venue before everyone to prepare for the performance. Once he arrives, he develops a schedule, plans, and strategizes on the entire performance. Before any performance begins, Hutson has to check on everything to ensure that things work smoothly with no interruptions.


By visualizing his target, Mr. Clay is able to come up with new ideas. Hutson is quite active in CAD design because it helps him realize his vision. Door measurement is one of the significant concerns of Clay Hutson. This is because his equipment has to fit in the given venue to ensure that quality of a performance is not compromised. The principal duty of Mr. Hutson is to make sure that the plan works accordingly.


Hutson works in an industry that entails everything about creating drama. As a result, his main interest is the technological advancement in music. Clay understands that the music industry is dynamic so he stays updated to find out what ways he can improve his business depending on current trends. For instance, he gathers information about the type of equipment that he should buy to ensure highly efficient operations and quality music. Since lighting determines the beauty of a performance, Hutson carries out a lot of research in it.



Clay Hutson’s music company offers production design, monitor engineering, rigging, and logistics management among other services. The services provided are affordable and surprising. Mr. Hutson also assists clients to plan budgets and gives event ideas. His company is well equipped to ensure that he guarantees a perfect event. Learn more:

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