The Amazing Success of OrganoGold

OrganoGold is the story of a company that started from humble beginnings and found some massive success over the years. There are many different companies that have not been able to find the amount of success that OrganoGold has been able to achieve. OrganoGold started in 2008 in a small shop with only 5 employees. From this, they have turned into an international network marketing company that has brought amazing products to millions of individuals all over the world. In 35 countries there are independent distributors who are spreading the amazing products of OrganGold to individuals who are in need of these amazing products.

One of the key elements of success in OrgranGold is the CEO Bernardo Chua. He was already a successful businessman who has been able to create an amazing network marketing company from the ground up. He has had prior experience helping network marketing companies expand internationally, so taking OrganoGold worldwide was a familiar thing for him to do. Bernardo Chua has been working for over a decade to create a wide range of healthy products that will help individuals to lead a very healthy and disease free life.

The future seems very bright for Bernardo Chua as OrganoGold continues to push forward in the world of network marketing. The large team of successful distributors look to Bernardo Chua for leadership and this is something that he is always able to deliver. Bernardo Chua has the business skills needed to truly succeed in the international world of business. With the creation of his new international OrganGold business center you can now see a physical manifestation of the success that OrganoGold has achieved. With over 150 employees in this cetner Bernardo Chua oversees all of the operations of these amazing employees as they help to bring the company further into the future.  Check his Twitter for updates about the company in the future.

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