The 4 Facts About Chris Burch

Whether you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, or highly experienced in it, you will most likely appreciate models of success. Models of success are those kinds of people that have the innate ability to inspire and motivate us. To help us keep going when we think there’s no where else to go. Chris Burch is one of those great models of success. If he can do it, we can do it. Here are a few facts about him that will hopefully allow you to see the light within yourself.


Number One: He Is Focused

Chris Burch did not start off wealthy and successful. In fact, he and his brother started their first business while still in college at Ithica. It was a Fashion company named, Eye Eagle Apparel and it was successful. It reached the net worth of $165 million before they decided to sell it. In one of his articles, Chris Burch stresses that it is imperative, when working in a team, to get everyone on the same page. Everyone must be focused on the same goal if they wish to succeed.


Number Two: He Knows How To Embrace The Opportunity

In the same article, he states that the key to success is to be able to spot the opportunity. There will always be challenges in our lives. The tough part is not only to overcome the obstacles, but to find the opportunity in the mountain of challenges. If a team member can’t see the challenge, replace them with someone who can.


Number Three: He Is Consistent

Another one of the most important traits to possess in any field is consistency. If you don’t have consistency, you won’t be able to improve at anything. The mother of all skill is repetition. It takes consistency to consistently repeat the attempt to perfect any skill. If you succeed, don’t stop there, keep succeeding. Do not get complacent, check (


Number Four: He Is Generous

What is success without happiness? What good is making it to the top if you are bitter? Chris Burch is known as a generous man. And, as they say, giving is its own reward. Giving allows us to feel great about ourselves and helps to keep us happy. In turn, we function at a higher capacity.

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