The 3 Greatest Anime Characters Of The 2010s


Starting in 2009, One Punch Man takes the Japanese superhero archetype and throws it on its head. We see just about everything that exemplifies Japanese action. With the power to kill anyone with one punch, he uses his powers to destroy just about everything that stands for evil. Going on its 8th year, this guy has some serious staying power.




While it may not be futuristic anime, One Piece is one of the longest anime series ever created. Since the 90s the creators have never failed to provide the endless humor and entertainment that defines the series. At the center of it all is Luffy and his pirate crew. There’s something about life on the open seas and hunting for treasure that never gets old no matter how much we see it. People love to see pirates on the open sea live lives of adventure and excitement. When Luffy finally find the One Piece he’s looking for, you can bet millions will tune in order to see what all the years of exploring were about.



Naruto Uzumaki

Although his series started in the 90s, the anime ninja Naruto saw his peak years after 2010. People all over fell in love with spunky blonde ninja and his crazy antics. From his early days of training under Kakashi to his ascension to Hokage, Naruto has emphasized just about everything that makes a good anime character. We see a relative novice progress into one of the world’s greatest ninjas over the course of hundreds of episodes.  Check out some Naruto quotes on Ranker’s helpful list of some of the series best.




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