Thanks To Newly Formed Child Welfare Committee, Indiana Kids May Just Survive After All

It’s not easy to be child growing up in the 2010’s, not by a long shot. An increasingly volatile economy has left the futures of children across the great state of Indiana facing an uncertain future, prompting lawmakers in the Midwestern state to form a newly-minted committee centered around the welfare of the youth. The powers that be behind the committee are hoping to dissect and remedy the systemic causes that create challenges for youth development in the state.


Lawmakers in the state of Indiana have compiled a list of over 50 topics to delve into over the course of the committee’s inaugural meeting, including the possible creation of a hate crimes law and the possibility of a medical marijuana program. The most pressing of these issues, however, centers around updates and upgrades to a relatively archaic system that has to do with child support payment disbursement. The current operating system, while reliant on computers, has become outdated in this rapidly shifting world of technological advancements. Brian Bosma, a house speaker for the increasingly beleaguered GOP, summed up the mass of issues with a simple statement:


“We need to understand the impact on our state including the existing gaming industry and be prepared for discussion next session”


The steps involved with welfare improvement are numerous, reminding us that the optimization and upkeep of society is not a quest with a foreseeable end.

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