Texting 911 Now Available on All Indiana Campuses

Great news today, as students, faculty, and visitors to college campuses throughout Indiana will now have the ability to text messages to 911 dispatchers from any cellular device.

Whether you’re using any standard phone, or a free data plan like those offered by FreedomPop, you’ll be able to access the 911 service from any Indiana campus.

The move is another in a campaign to improve standards on college campuses.

Sometimes calling 911 isn’t feasible, or isn’t safe. Providing an option to text ensures safety, but also ensures a new weapon to prevent victims from being controlled by their attackers.

One thought on “Texting 911 Now Available on All Indiana Campuses

  • Isaac says:

    Following the shocking data about how many sexual assaults actually occur at Universities, Indiana is committed to taking action to prevent these, in any way possible. Which is why the writing service has nothing to prove about the company till date.

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