Tech Entrepreneur Alex Hern Shares How He Works Most Efficiently


Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur in the technology sector for the past 25 years. His primary interests are in companies that are being incubated or are in their startup phase. One tech company he co-founded was Inktomi which was the search engine technology behind AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg. He also co-founded Yesmail which provided an email marketing service as well as a web directory of other businesses. Ten months after this company launched it was sold to CMGI for $650 million. He has been involved as a co-founder of a few other companies as well.

His latest company is Tsunami XR which he co-founded and for which he serves as the chief executive officer. Alex Hern says that idea for this name came about when the computer industry was transitioning from being driven by CPUs to being driven by GPUs. He could see that there would be a need for both new software platforms and educations due to this switch. He added that his company is a pioneer in starting the spatial computer era. Follow Alex Hern on

Each day he spends around four to five hours concentrating on one just task that will move his company closer to its goals. He feels that people who multitask are making a big mistake. Studies have shown that the more people try to do at one time the worse they do at all of them. Humans evolved to just do one task at any one time and trying to fight that is a losing battle. Alex Hern says he does his best thinking at night when it is quiet and everyone else in his home is asleep. He is free to think without distractions during these times which allows him to think of the next innovation he can come up with. He tends to stay focused on the tech side of the company during these times rather than the business side.


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