Talkspace’s Strengths and Michael Phelps’ Partnership with the Company

Statistics show that a majority of people with mental illness can be treated through therapy. This is the information that has been presented many researchers who have ended up compiling multiple proves that show the importance of therapy. However, some people have ended up not enrolling therapy for various reasons that are related to office therapy. That is why Talkspace was formed in the year 2011 in order to offer several services like unlimited messaging therapy, psychotherapy, self-care and also individual health and wellness. The company has been able to enroll more than one million people who are always willing to go through their therapy online.

Advantages of Talkspace

Talkspace has a lot of advantages that clients can enjoy when they choose to join the team. Some of the advantages of enrolling in Talkspace’s online therapy session include providing a solution for those who avoid therapy because they are worried about the stigma involved in an in-office therapy session. Some people also fear taking therapy because they are worried about being seen as they enter and leave therapy offices. Therefore the online therapy session that is offered by Talkspace is a good solution for those who fear being seen enter and leave the office, in-office stigma, the high cost of in-office, and also people with disabilities. Another advantage of enrolling in online therapy offered by Talkspace is that messaging therapy gives the client more time to organize their thoughts.

Michael Phelps’ Input to Talkspace

One of the people who has been able to get over mental health problem by using therapy is Michael Phelps. His story has always inspired a lot of people to enroll in therapy sessions. According to Michael, sharing your problems gives an opportunity for an individual to get out some of the most difficult issues that might cause mental health issues. Determined to make sure that many people get help through therapy, Mike recently partnered with Talkspace in order to launch a nationwide campaign in the national television. Mike has been able to share his story multiple times in the national television in order to educate more people on the importance of therapy.

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