Talkspace: revolutionizing therapy

If you’ve ever felt like you need to see a therapist for your mental health, Talkspace is the app for you. Oren Frank, who founded the company in 2012, had a dream of offering therapy to anyone through an online platform. By 2017 Frank’s app had built up a base of nearly 500,000 users.

When asked if online therapy works, Oren Frank points to a study of 99,000 veterans. These veterans were given access to a new form of therapy that connected them to an online therapist. The result of the study showed that the group of veterans with access to online therapy were 25 percent less likely to be hospitalized by a mental health incident.

Talkspace, with its team of about 1000 mental health professionals, helps users by reaching out to them with daily text messages, scheduled phone calls, or monthly face-to-face video chat sessions. Users of Talkspace choose when and where they access their therapy, making it perfect for people who don’t have time to go to weekly visits to the therapist’s office.

The revolutionary idea behind Talkspace has been noticed, and the company recently made a deal with Magellan Health, a large insurance provider. Magellan Health will soon offer access to Talkspace to its own customers.

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