Talkspace: Revolutionizing Therapy Through Smartphones

Studies show that many people who suffer from mental health issues do not seek medical attention. The main reason for this is that they fear the rejection, and stigma associated with suffering from conditions such as depression. The good news is that there are other ways of getting professional assistance without feeling judged. This is where e-therapy comes into the picture.

Instead of paying for expensive face-to-face therapy sessions with a therapist, you can now schedule a texting session or a Skype chat with an online therapist. This has been made possible by online therapy platforms such as Talkspace. With most people owning smartphones in this day and age, it is more convenient to access the services of a therapist from the comfort of your home.

How Does Talkspace Work?

There are various e-therapy service provides in the market. Some are expensive while some are affordable. Anyone thinking of using Talkspace will appreciate its affordability. For professional mental healthcare, a patient will pay a minimum of $32. Usually, every person who signs up for the service gets at least one texting session with their therapist. You two can arrange to chat on Skype, if the caregiver is open to that.

Signing up for the service is easy. Once you download the Talkspace app, you will fill out your details. The information you provide will be used to allocate you a therapist who matches your needs. The other benefit of using Talkspace is that their caregivers are licensed professionals. Their areas of specialty include social work and psychotherapy. The platform also gives you your much needed privacy, and anonymity.

With most people accessing the internet, more and more people are at a high risk of depression. For teenagers, especially, finding help on the online arena comes as good news.


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