Talkspace For Technology Influence Generation Z Users

Talkspace is what people are talking about now if there are conversations about therapy. It is obvious that more people are in need of therapy than ever before, but fewer people are taking the time to get it. When there is a help resource like Talkspace that allows people to connect with a therapist through the Internet there is more hope for Generation Z to become connected to people that can help them resolve issues online. It has become much more of a reliable resource because this concept encompasses those that are certified to do therapy.

When you have certified professionals in place this is going to greatly improve the amount of help that you can get through online resources that are available. There are also people that are fans of Michael Phelps, and he he has partnered with Talkspace to encourage others to get help as well. He has revealed his own struggles with mental health. Phelps has always spoken on the wellness counseling that he was seeking in order to get back to a place of comfort. This is sure to be something that ignites conversations for people that are part of the Generation Z crowd.

There are people that assume that those that are in need of therapy are struggling to achieve their life goals. This is not true, and the partnership that Phelps developed with Talkspace is a clear cut indicator of this. He was an Olympic swimmer that already had gold medals. He had a newborn child and was recently married. All of this did not stop depression from creeping in. This is what hits home for Generation Z. When you look at the way that things unfold for superstar athletes it becomes easier to see that anyone, regardless of their status, can lose their way.

Fortunately, there are Talkspace therapists that are willing to communicate with you in the form that is most convenient for you. With Generation Z this comfort zone communication often comes through text messages. Most millennial groups find themselves more comfortable with texting than they do with calling so Talkspace work well.

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