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Unroll me: An amazing Email unsubscription service

 When it comes to having an overloaded email account, many may get agitated with all the unwanted subscription emails clouding the important emails. There are so many that sometimes you may even lose track of the emails you need to read the most. Unroll Me is an unsubscription service that attempts to manage the stresses of an overloaded inbox. With all the subscriptions we have, it is very possible they will overwhelm or take over your inbox completely. Unroll me makes it easier to obtain the messages needed, and puts them at the forefront of the inbox. The service analyzes your email inbox and then gives you what is called a “Rollup.” 

This Rollup condenses all your subscriptions and shows you which services you are currently subscribed to. All subscriptions are consequently sent to this Rollup folder to ensure that it doesn’t cloud your existing account with unnecessary emails from your subscription service. Unroll me is currently in the beta stage of development, but it shows much promise in its innovative qualities for organizing and managing unwanted subscription emails. The aesthetic design of Unroll me is appealing and aesthetically pleasing. 

Through this service, it’s possible to have a more organized email and results in efficient time management and less stress from surfing through unwanted emails. This can add up over time and save you a lot of stress and time in the long run. Most people have a large number of subscriptions for whatever they have subscribed to in the past. As time goes on, this number increases significantly and Unroll me is a cheap service that only costs 5 dollars a month. Everything is included to help get even the most cluttered email account on track to a healthy organized email. You have the ability to edit your Rollup as well to specify what you want to see and what is unnecessary. The app gives you control over any person specifications one may have if the default organization is not up to par. The service is convenient, quick, and easy to use. It offers what most people need today


Jojo Hedaya Making email more convenient

Let’s face it, junk mails can be a nuisance. This is especially so when you are looking forward to that all important email for an appointment or business deal. Email can be a vital communication tool, alright, but when unnecessary emails get in the way, it can be a disastrous endeavor.

Well, this is the same problem that Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald; two college buddies, had to contend with. During a joint project they were working on, Jojo Hedaya says he was getting frustrated by the fact that Josh was not replying to his messages early enough, sometimes not at all. Little did he know that Josh was struggling to get rid of all the unnecessary emails and would sometimes delete important emails in the process.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and having noted that junk mail was getting in their way, these two young innovators went out of their way to find a solution. This is how Unroll.me came to be. Unroll.me is a revolutionary email organization tool that helps keep the most important emails in one folder and keeps the rest in another for future review.

Usually, one would receive updates, newsletters and subscription emails, all in one email. Since the major ISP was not doing enough to keep these organized, they took it upon themselves to find the solution and have never regretted their decision.

By scanning through your emails Unroll.me compiles all the junk mail into one folder, hereby dubbed “The Rollup”. From here, you can then decide on what stays and what goes. The best thing about this feature is that you can set specific times to receive the roll-up. As such, you can choose your most convenient times when you are free to check them out.

The two entrepreneurs met by fate courtesy of their travel to Israel for further studies. Surprisingly, they also noticed that they had the same birthdays, and this kept them even closer. They note that through their startup, millions of email users can finally rest easy with the assurance that their emails are well organized and can find the most important of these much easily.


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