Swiss Pilots Attempt Solar Flight

Swiss pilots are the first to attempt a flight around the world. Ande Brorschberg and Bertrant Piccard will both pilot the plane taking turns throughout the journey so the other can sleep. The two-seater plan will travel a total of 21,747 miles. Ricardo Guimarães BMG said they’re both expected to take the pilot’s chair for 12 legs, according to Globo.

The two are traveling in a 2 seat plane with no temperature control or oxygen. That means they’ll have to be able to withstand temperatures ranging from negative 40-degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Since they both have to operate the plane, they’ll each only be able to take short napes, typically just 20 minutes, every 2-4 hours.

For fuel, the plane will use solar panels on each of the plane’s wings. The solar panels are needed so that the two don’t have to carry fuel with them, something that would most certainly weigh the plane down, and require a larger vessel.

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